If you’ve ever woken up, felt extremely unmotivated and slept through your alarm, you’re not alone. People often use not feeling ‘motivated’ as an excuse for not eating well, for not working out or not taking care of themselves, but at what point does this become an irrelevant excuse?

It’s motivation that gets you sitting up in bed, but it’s discipline that gets you out without a second thought. Feeling motivated to workout is a really great feeling to have, but for the days when you’d rather do nothing at all, this is where your discipline kicks in.

Motivation is a great start, but discipline will make it become a habit. The motivation for fitness is not only internal but also external. People are motivated when they observe others doing fitness activities. Gym mates and their physique work as motivating factors for individuals to engage in a regular and routine gym activity. So just because we are on lockdown and doing online classes - you are missing out on seeing everyone working out. However motivation alone may not always be enough, it’s incredibly easy to fall into the rut trap. You know the feeling; you can’t seem to summon the motivation to workout, and even the thought of a simple walk outside has you cringing. It happens to the best of us, but when we have a lack of motivation we tend to give up easily - even more during lockdown.

So here is some things to try...

Waking up and just putting on a workout outfit. Whether you workout or not. Well you usually do because you already in gear.

Have that coffee or two ...

Some people might put their sneakers next to their bed all ready to go, or even wear their active-wear to bed so when they wake up, they can just get up and start! It’s all about what works for you. Making small healthy habits a part of your life will help you keep going, long after the motivation is gone! And if it doesn’t, just imagine me telling you how much better you’ll feel after your workout

Motivation comes when you found a routine within your habit.

“Motivation is what gets you started, discipline is what keeps you going.”

Talking about implementing more discipline in your life is one thing, but to do learn to actually do it is another thing altogether. So, how do you cultivate discipline? It comes down to building small habits that eventually become part of your daily life that you no longer realise. If you can form this mindset about eating healthily, or going to Barre; taking that online class; you’re going to reap the benefits long term. Literally, you’ll live longer, be stronger and feel fabulous.

Take baby steps. every time you do do it, you’re one step closer to your final goal.

Reward yourself. Whether it means having that slice of chocolate cake or simply taking some ‘me-time’, positive reinforcement will mean your discipline never disappears.

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