#SundayMindfulness - SELF CARE SUNDAY

We need time alone to ourselves to restore and recharge our energy...

Devote some time alone just to BE in your own space away from others!

Create your own zen corner in your home where you can unwind and relax peacefully. I use my office or my bedroom as my happy place. When I want to get away I go there to de-stress and have time out to be with myself.

This is a very therapeutic and effective way of re-energising your inner being; your mind, body and soul- so that you may feel more productive with greater clarity and wholeness.

We can't give off the best of ourselves running our inner battery flat. Daily practices which incorporate alone time morning or evening preserves your energy and enables you to cope with life, thus becoming a well- rounded woman, at her optimum always.

If you have a high stressed job, children at home needing your attention, a demanding partner or you are an empath absorb other people's negativity then it is important for you to replenish and protect your energy through self care and alone time!

Make yourself a priority in your life, and become a better version of you!

Self Care is a daily practice you gift to yourself, and not only once a week!

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