What Are Low Impact Exercises And Their Benefits?

What are low impact exercises?

Low-impact exercises minimise the stress and pressure placed on your joints.

To be considered low-impact exercises, the moves require you to keep your whole body supported or have at least one foot in contact with the ground during most movements.

The benefits of low impact exercises

Whether you are new to exercise or wanting to try a different style of training, there are many benefits of low-impact exercises.

They’re easy on your knees — and other joints!

Your knees can absorb up to three times your body’s weight with high-impact exercise, such as running or jumping, and this can put a lot of stress on your joints.

However, low-impact exercises allow you to support your body as you move, without putting additional strain on your joints. That’s good news for your knees — as well as your shoulders and hips!

You can do them if you’re a beginner or returning to fitness

If you’re new to training or starting again after a break, low-impact exercises can be a good option for kickstarting your fitness journey.

Training with low-impact exercises can also help you build up strength in the muscles surrounding your joints, which can help further support your joint health and range of movement.

You’ll also experience ALL of the benefits of training from low-impact exercises, including better cardiovascular fitness and improved mood.

They can help build your mind-body connection

When you do low-impact exercises at a lower intensity, you may feel a greater awareness of which muscle groups you’re working throughout the movements.

This can also help you to create a better connection between your body and your mind, and move with correct form.

You don’t need a lot of equipment to get started with low-intensity exercises - all you need to get started is a mat, chair and some dumbbells!

If you’re new to exercise, starting off with achievable, low-impact exercises can help you to create a new, healthy routine that includes working out regularly.

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