5 Ways Barre Can Help You

Looking for a total body transformation? Barre is one of the best options when it comes to getting into the best shape of your life. Targeting every area of the body in ways you never thought possible, barre provides a complete workout, as well as a total fitness mindset makeover. Ready to learn more about how barre is a game changer?

1. Use Barre to Build a Toned Body

Barre workouts turn the routines found in a traditional barre class into functional fitness practices. With barre, you get the amazing athletic benefits of a dance class, as you train the same way a dancer does. For example, with traditional barre, the moves focus on strengthening the thighs, glutes, legs, and core as ballerinas must build up their muscle strength to perform. By practicing barre regularly, you’ll be able to improve your endurance, and train harder each time as you push forward to create your own version of a toned barre-built body.

2. Barre Classes Improve Your Core Strength

Most fitness routines attempt core conditioning through a variety of ab-targeting workouts. Through the transformative methods of barre training, you’ll find that the strength of your core has drastically improved. Moreover, with barre, the core is strengthened through specific moves that work the whole body, while working the core as well.

As you train more frequently with barre, you’ll find that with every plié and lunge, your body is stronger and more stabilized. It is through techniques like this that you’ll find your body transformation start to take place.

3. Flexibility is Another Huge Plus with Barre

With each stretch and dance move, you’ll be able to move more freely and you’ll find your body starting to move more fluidly. While serious barre classes can get intense, each session of barre should be serious about their stretching as well. This will help to remove any tightness in your body after you’ve exercised.

4. Barre Encourages Motor Fitness and Enhances Your Memory

Through barre, you’ll be able to improve your body and mind connection. With every new sequence or routine, you’ll find that it isn’t just your body that has gotten stronger. Any program or class that encourages you to think while doing the moves will help enhance your mental agility. By having to train for a specific dance, you’re forcing your body and mind to work together: the body building its strength and the mind strengthening its memory.

5. With Barre, You’ll Fall in Love with Fitness Again

It’s all too common for people to quit their workout program because they’ve gotten bored or simply don’t like it anymore. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with barre. Those that love barre look forward to their next workout. Bringing you the best of fitness and the excitement and passion of dance, barre really is easy to fall for.

A fitness class that can change your life? Barre will do that. Let these five truths convince you to sign up for your first or next barre class today. You’re building your body through dance–what could be better?

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