Jump your way to Fit

Cordless jump ropes let you get all the cardiovascular benefits of jumping rope without actually jumping over any rope. It offers the same benefits as the conventional skipping rope, particularly coordination and balance.

Experience all the benefits of skipping, without the risk of tripping! A cordless jump rope also saves your floors and it's tangle-free, and it won't hurt like a regular jump rope when it gets tripped up in your feet or whacks you behind the head.

Perfect for use on a rebounder. The same skipping motion as a standard rope, but benefit from weighted foam handles and EVA balls attached via shortened and balanced PVC rope. Using it on a rebounder amplifies the weight due to the gravitational forces incurred during bouncing.

How to skip properly

  1. get the rhythm of the bounce by bouncing on the balls of your feet while keeping your body in a relaxed yet upright position. Arms, just by the side of your body.

  2. when you have found a good rhythm, elevate your arms to the side in a W, extended out to side - pretend you have an imaginary full rope in your hands.

  3. start to spin the rope evenly on both side with a steady pace. time the wrist before the jump.

  4. As your wrists move, the counterweight stimulates you to maintain a considerable speed.

  5. maintain your arms just about waistline, with your elbows bent and relaxed.

  6. practice, practice, practice....try 5 minutes to start off with

Happy skipping!

Skipping has never been this much fun!!

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