Common workout excuses

One of the biggest thing I notice that women struggle with is setbacks. If they have one bad workout or they miss a workout they feel like their WHOLE day or week is ruined and then they just drop everything. One little setback and they're like ""Oh well, I'll start again next week"" or “I’ll start again on Monday”.

I don't want you to wait until the next week to get back to a good routine. You can start again immediately after your setback, or that night, or the next day. You don't have to wait for Monday or next month. Your week is NOT ruined by one setback. Don't let all of your hard work so far go to waste by giving up.

Understand why it’s important to know what can trigger these excuses — and how you CAN overcome them!

I'm too tired

The funny thing about exercise is that it

can actually give you MORE energy! You can feel energised even after a quick training session.

If you’re too tired to work out, you may need to consider your sleeping habits. Going to bed earlier at night can make it easier to get up and have time for your workout in the morning.

What you eat can also play a big part in your energy levels. If you’re feeling flat, try incorporating magnesium-rich foods into your diet like broccoli, spinach, nuts and seeds.

I don’t have time

Make time, your barre class is a commitment, it’s not something you do or just fit in…its part of your day.

Plan every day — have your training clothes, water bottle, socks and bag ready for the next day. Make sure to have EVERYTHING you need to achieve your goals, rather than just winging it and hoping that you’ll somehow get there. When you are organised for your workouts, you will be less likely to make an excuse to skip them.

Remember ladies, if something is important to you — you can always find time! No excuses

I’m not feeling motivated

Motivation may come and go — that’s why you shouldn’t rely just on motivation to reach your fitness goals.

Being healthy is a lifestyle, so creating habits that you can stick to is the key to long-term success. If your motivation is low, try breaking one big hurdle into smaller, mini-hurdles that feel more approachable.

I compare myself to others

Try to avoid comparing yourself to people around you. Your journey is unique to YOU!

Remember that each person, no matter how fit or confident they might seem — all started somewhere.

Your goals will be different from your friend’s goals, and the person next to you at the gym. Know what your goals are and WHY you have them — and show up for yourself.

If comparing yourself to others is one of your barriers to starting, focus on finding out what really motivates you.

It’s too hard

I truly believe that working hard is what gets you results!

You can continue to make excuses, or you can tough it out and push through. Put in the work to prove to yourself that you CAN do it!

If you have a goal in mind, focus on that instead of how difficult the workout is.

It’s that ‘time of the month’

Every woman has a different experience during their period, but you CAN exercise if you feel up to it.

Dealing with cramps, mood changes and bloating can make you feel like skipping your workout. While you might feel like laying on the couch with a hot water bottle, you will probably feel better after a little light exercise.

Exercising during your period can help to improve your circulation and digestion, which can be helpful for relieving cramps and bloating.

If you feel up to exercising during your period, it’s possible that you might not feel like training as you normally would. This is completely normal!

The best way to get through this is to lower the intensity of your training by reducing your weights or your perceived exertion for each exercise.

I’m going on holiday

I don’t stop training when I’m on holiday! A resistance band can easily fit into your hand luggage on the plane and and Barres are everywhere if you look – room banister will work as a barre :)

If you’re going on a relaxing vacation near a beach or mountains, go for a nice long walk or exhilarating hike!

If you want something enough and you work hard for it you can achieve anything — remember that!

It’s called a health and fitness journey for a reason — progress takes HARD WORK and is different for EVERY BODY.

Appreciate your body for what it can do. It’s not about how many reps you can do, it’s more about that you continue to show up for yourself every day.

You've got this! You can overcome anything you put your mind to.

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