Some of My Favourite Barre Props

To add a little extra pizzazz fun in my classes, I like to incorporate Barre props - like the Soft Ball, resistance bands and looped booty band!

1.) Let's Play Ball! The Soft Ball is probably the most easily integrated Barre prop there is! And because of it’s “one size fits all” characteristics, you don’t have to worry about finding the right weight/shape/resistance, etc. That squishy ball can not only take your exercise up a notch and add a little extra barre burn through resistance and instability, but it also provides great lower back support.

2.) Flex n Flow! Resistance bands are commonly used for rehabilitative exercises. If you’ve suffered from an injury in the past, chances are you’ve reaped the benefits of resistance bands on your road to recovery! , The key with bands, or any prop really, is to make sure that they are being used properly. I prefer a light resistance to help protect my joints but still get a great workout in. You can use the bands to get a total-body workout, working the lower body, abdominals and the upper body. And because they are super lightweight and compact, you can take them wherever you go!

3.) Feel the burn! Loop bands are versatile, easy to take anywhere, and help you get the most out of your workout. These fabric bands offer more resistance and are much more effective at targeting lower body muscles. They are fantastic at activating and keeping maximum tension on the legs, hips and glutes, and promote total-body activation and optimizes functional strength and mobility. Your body is moving against resistance, and that will give your muscles an effective workout.

I love incorporating these Barre props into my classes to help change things up and help make ordinary exercises extraordinary! Whether it’s the Soft Ball to offer instability or support/bands to add extra resistance these props definitely bring the burn and shake!

Meet me at the Barre :)

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