Why Do We Use Grip Socks and Non-Slip Towels in Barre Class?

Gripped socks are used in barre class similar to the way ballet shoes or slippers are used in dance class. Most obviously, gripped socks provide a cushion for your foot, and aid your ability to grip the floor. The cotton fibers of the sock, cushion your metatarsals while you are exercising on the balls of your feet, or when balancing on one foot. The tiny rubber "grippers" on the sole of the sock help your toes to grip the floor, allowing your muscles to stabilize and work (ideally) to fatigue. These seemingly innocuous features are actually very important in maintaining the comfort and protection of your foot during weight bearing exercises.

If your feet are slipping around, not only will your body not be capable of working to its fullest potential, but you will be compromising your safety - especially if the studio floor is not padded or carpeted (our studio has wood flooring).

Gripped socks provide a level of sanitary hygienic protection as well. While we all know what it is like to have stinky or itchy feet, we don’t want those types of issues (or infections!) on our hands, face or chest. Think about it… kinda gross.

Socks cover the skin of your feet and the skin of your neighbour’s feet.

As an aside, but on the topic of health and hygiene: we also uses antimicrobial on mats, and we clean the barres and ALL equipment in-between classes.

No socks – No class.

You Should Always Use non-slip Mat Towels

Not unlike our grippy socks, a non-slip towel offers you hygiene and comfort. Not only is a non-slip towel more hygienic when using a mat that isn’t yours in a studio, it helps minimise the amount you might slip during warm up or abs. A comfort layer between you and the mat - microfiber surface absorbs sweat and dries quickly, while the non-slip rubber backing sticks securely to your mat and offers your feet and hands superior grip. The towel also adds another level of hygiene to your practice because it can be washed after your session.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “can’t I just use a regular towel?” The answer is yes. There’s a *but* coming. BUT a regular towel isn’t designed to fit your mat, doesn’t have non-slip technology, usually bunches up, and doesn’t look cool :). That being said, yes. Yes you can use a normal towel...but I really encourage you to get a proper towel.

Simply put, I don’t think you want a mat that smells like feet and sweat . ...

Stay sweat, slip and

distraction-free in class

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