Barre is the Best Workout You Can Do at Home 

Barre is straight-up one of the best low-impact, full-body workouts you can do for yourself—wherever you are. No dance experience required. From strengthening your core, to elongating those leg lifts, to tapping into your triceps, barre tones different muscle groups through isolated movements. Barre is low impact and gentle on the joints.. The best part about barre? It can be modified to fit any at-home environment.

So, why should you try barre right now? Because barre during lockdown might just be your best introduction to this all-level workout.

You don’t need a lot of equipment.

Not sure what you need for barre class, lockdown style? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. I know you don’t have a ballet barre just bolted into the wall of your home or at-home office, so classes are modified to be conducive to 'equipment' we actually have. Your “barre” can be everything from a highchair to the edge of your couch. The main thing you need? A yoga mat to support your core, back, and booty. Some virtual classes might also use light hand weights and a soft ball. If you don’t have weights or a ball, you can get creative (try using a book, bag of flour, wine bottle—just don't drop it!) or opt out of using extra gear. You’re still guaranteed to get a great workout.

So roll out your mat, grab some water and grip socks if you want, and give it a whirl…

You’re going to feel your muscles shake, shake, shake.

Barre is made up of ballet-inspired classes that incorporate elements of Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional training, and it has *tons* of benefits. Barre workouts include isometric strength training combined with high reps of small movements (think pulsing and lengthening). It’s a total body burn, sometimes in just 30 minutes! When you work a muscle group to fatigue in barre, it tends to tremble. That feel-good shake is where “the good stuff” (AKA the magic) happens. Where you push yourself mentally and physically to go the extra inch—or to finish out those final ten seconds. Barre instructors everywhere love when your muscles are shaking and trust us, you will, too.

You won’t bother the neighbours.

Barre lets you break a sweat without making a ton of noise (unless you’re turning up the tunes to get through your final 60-second plank). In barre, you’ll experience the isometric strength training and small movements - Pliés. Relevés along with a variety of core exercises (burn baby!), and pulsing—a lot of pulsing. But like we said, that’s where the magic happens and where your muscles (and your mind) fight to finish that last 5, now 4, 3, last 2, and 1. Whether you’re booking your first (virtual) barre class or taking your fourth one this week, we love to see how you stay active from the comfort of your home! Share to your Instagram stories and tag @fitnessbootyique, so we can share what working out looks like for you during lockdown. Here’s to sweating it out in our makeshift gyms and keeping safe, one day at a time.

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