The Dos and Don'ts of Taking Online Class

Since social distancing measures mean none of us can get to the studio, Online has suddenly become a critical part of fitness education. Thousands of classes are now happening via videoconferencing services, with clients participating virtually from their living rooms.

That gallery of squares is the lifeline connecting you to your barre friends, your instructor, and your ability to keep up your fitness. But getting the most out of an online class can be tricky.

DO Ask Your Family for Some Privacy

Let your family members know that you shouldn't be interrupted." If you're working in a space where true privacy is impossible, ask family members to be respectful of your instructor and classmates by staying quiet and out of the way.

DON'T Be Late

You wouldn't arrive at the studio exactly at the scheduled class start time, would you? Same goes for your online class. Log on at least five minutes early. Technology can be unpredictable, so you'll want the extra time to get set up. "Don't come in late and give excuses – it disrupts others already participating.

DO Wear Proper Attire

Although circumstances are strange, there's no reason you shouldn't dress the part. "It'll help you take class seriously," "If you're in your fitness gear with your hair up and your water bottle nearby, you'll be in the zone, and you won't be wasting your time."

DON'T Forget Your Charger

Don't let a low battery keep you from participating. keep your laptop plugged into the power point.

DO Keep Your Video On

It's important for your instructor to be able to see you in order to correct you. "Unless there's a really good reason, your video needs to be on If it's not, for all I know you could be sitting on your couch, eating a snack.":)

DO Keep background noises to a minimum

Try prevent the background noises in your home from distracting the class, and keep potential echoes to a minimum. If your instructor asks you a question that requires more than a yes or no answer, you'll be able to respond.

DO Make the Most of Nonverbal Communication

By now, most instructors have figured out the usefulness of communicating via nonverbal cues ("Thumbs-up – all okay?, Fingers in ears – can’t hear you/Can you hear me?, Index finger rotating to indicate change side) Make sure you respond to these prompts quickly and visibly.

DO Provide Respectful Feedback

If you're having trouble with an element of your Online education—the sound quality is poor, or the instructor keeps moving out of frame while demonstrating—politely communicate your concerns to your instructor. This is an ever-changing landscape, and it's helpful for an instructor to know what is and isn't working so they can make adjustments.

DO Treat This Like Any Other Class

"As an instructor, I expect my students to be just as present and focused on Online as they are in the studio. Like anything else, what you put into this experience is what you get out of it."

DON'T Trade in Your Studio for Flashy Free Classes

I really recommend going to someone reputable if you're doing home classes, someone that'll give you recommendations etc during your class. Please be weary of fly by nights, everyone trying to make a quick buck especially a barre class... I've been watching submission and "classes" online and the form and instruction of most teachers is incorrect and unsafe - so how are you going to do it right? It's also human nature to "cheat" through an exercise...

Online classes with your friends allow you to maintain a sense of community, and to continue to work with an instructor who knows you and your individual needs.

Sure, the idea of taking a free class is enticing, but always prioritize your own studio's offerings.

Extra classes should be an addition to your studio training, not a replacement for it. Your studio needs your support

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