Washing your workout gear

Sports Bra in Top Shape

Your sports bra is one of your most essential pieces in your athleisure wardrobe. All the more reason to take great care of it.

1. Never wear your sports bra more than once. We know it can be tempting, but avoid pulling yesterday’s sports bra out of the dirty laundry pile to wear again. Bacteria can build in the wet sweaty environment in less than 24 hours.

2. Hand wash or machine wash on gentle. Wash your sports bras on the gentle cycle in cold water with just the right amount of detergent to help keep its perfect fit. If you have the time, hand washing is even better to extend the life of your sports bra!

3. Use a lingerie bag. If you are using the washing machine to wash your sports bras, try putting them in a lingerie bag. The bag will help your bras keep their shape, and will protect them from getting any pulls or snags.

4. Lay flat to dry. We know you’ve heard it – never put any of your bras in the dryer as they will stretch out and lose their support. Lay your sports bras flat on a drying rack and avoid hanging them by their straps as they can stretch out over time.

Grip it on - Grip socks

Grip socks: the one thing that you never want to forget to bring to class. Not only are they your lifeline during those 60 minutes - they also help with balance and stability, create traction and promote circulation while you are working out.

Don’t let your grip socks lose their grip – follow these tips for keeping them like new:

1. Always wash your sticky socks inside out. This will ensure they don’t lose their grip. They will also get a better clean!

2. Wash on cold and the gentle cycle. You can machine wash your grip socks, but avoid hot temperatures and rough cycles which can shrink and shorten the lifetime of your socks.

3. Don’t use too much detergent. Using too much detergent for your laundry load size can cause fungal growth and lead to a mildew odor – yuck!

4. Always air or line dry. Keep your socks soft and grippy by avoiding throwing them in the dryer. Always air dry your socks on a drying rack, or line dry them. And just in case you were wondering, there is no need to iron them either 😉

Those Leggings

Just like your grip socks, leggings are a class essential. Not only do they keep your muscles warm so you can work deeper in class, their quick dry technology and moisture resistance abilities make them a must-have.

1. Turn them inside out. After giving it your all in class, all of the sweat and dead skin cells are now on the inside of your leggings (eeuw). Wash your leggings inside out to get the best wash, and also protect the colour, design and print.

2. Avoid fabric softener! Fabric softener can damage any fabric that stretches and cause your tights to lose their perfect fit. It also leaves behind a coating that traps smells and can lock in smelly odors, making this one a double no-no.

3. Wash on cold and the gentle cycle. Cold water prevents shrinkage and color bleed in your tights. The fabrics in your tights are delicate, so be sure to wash them on the gentle cycle.

4. Wash like with like. Take sorting lights and darks to the next level when it comes to your workout clothes. Avoid mixing non-performance fabrics (sweaters, jeans, towels) with your performance pieces which can be harmful, and avoid washing them with other items that have Velcro or zippers, as they can damage your leggings. If separate wash loads is not possible, try washing your leggings inside a lingerie bag to protect them.

5. Air-dry. Air drying protects the fabrics in your leggings and helps them keep their shape. Avoid throwing them in the dryer which can break down the fabrics and shorten the lifetime of your leggings.

There you have it – tips to keep your workout gear like new. 😉

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